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Hungry Education Owner Megan Haupt

02/17/20  |  Kerry Boccella

What's for dinner Mom?

It's my least favorite question ever! With 3 kids there are barely any meals that everyone likes. Flourtown business owner, Megan Haupt, is on a mission to help families develop healthy food relationships. I just got the inside scoop on her summer camps, her upcoming plans, and some info on chocolate chip cookie science!

How would you describe your business?

Hungry Education is there to help families have healthy relationships with ALL foods, not just the ones that are considered "healthy". We see health as part of a much larger whole and that nourishment includes not only what we eat but how we eat and with whom.

I love how you focus on the science of cooking and baking. Can you talk a little more about that?

​​​​​​​Sure - in our camps and workshops we really dig into ratio cooking and the science of behind the ingredients.

You could spend a whole lot of time with the same recipe adjusting the ingredients to produce different results. A favorite topic is chocolate chip cookies. Here's an article I love to share with people who are interested in experimenting with ratios. My family likes a more cakey cookie that puffs in the middle so I add extra flour and under bake them so they are pillowy! Everyone has their own cookie preference.

What made you decide to open this business?

I LOVE food but was raised by an indifferent cook and lots of weird family dynamics around the dinner table. I taught myself how to bake at age 8 with my 1977 Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys & Girls (so progressive!). I spent an entire summer making almost every recipe in the book (the meatloaf meat-zas didn't make the cut). When I became a mom myself, all of the weird food dynamics with my family began to pop up with me feeding my son. I wanted to start a food education business that didn't just focus on healthy eating or skills-based learning like cooking classes. I wanted to help other families find their personal "whys" when it came to food and feeding. I love food history, food science, and food culture. All of these things appear in our classes & camps with Hungry.

​​​​​​​You really have done A LOT of different things in your life, can you give us a really short road map that led you to where you are today?

I worked for Philly Theatre Company as wardrobe supervisor. And then worked as a seamstress for theaters all over the city. I ran the Philadelphia Sewing Collective from 2004-2009 and I used to run a huge clothing swap called Philly Swap. (side note - Megan *might* have just agreed to put together a Halloween Costume Swap in 2018!)

I know your camps have been very popular with Springfield families - what do you have on tap for summer in the Township?

We have 2 camps set up at the Springfield Township Community Center.

1) Camp make it and bake it (ages 5-11 - flexible)

2) Kitchen Wonder 101 - Immersive cooking camp for kids that are really interested in cooking. The topic is Ratio Cooking. (ages 6-12) The kids will make a recipe booklet and learn to build a recipe with ratios.

Anything exciting going on that customers should know about?

So many new things for 2018! We've expanded our audience base to include young adults without children. We're also continuing to shift our classes more and more to focus on food relationships. With little guys (ages 2-4) we do this through play-based learning, with older guys (ages 5-14) we do this through project-based activities. We are still working on our favorite topic of picky eating (most common form of a dysfunctional food relationship) with parent workshops and we're adding birthday parties to the line up because we've gotten so many requests over the past year.

I know people will be so excited about your parties - tell me more!

I will go to your house, cook with the kids and do ALL THE CLEANUP (I love doing dishes!). Some of the themes include food science, food decorations, yeast science, sugar science, building princess castles, so many more. I don't have this info up on my website yet so just send me an email.

What were the factors that made you choose to move to Springfield?

Both my husband and I had the great fortune of growing up on large amounts of open land (me in Bucks County and him in Monmouth County, NJ). We wanted our son to be able to experience some of what we had growing up, but without us having to live somewhere super rural. We fell in love with Springfield Township because of the large amount of preserved open space. Whenever I have some need for meadow time, I take my son over to Erdenheim Farm and we run around the trails surrounding the open meadow. It's just like the space I roamed as a child in Bucks County!

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