Gliding Through Philadelphia: A Guide to Outdoor Skating in and around Philly

11/28/23  |  Kerry Boccella

Exploring Frosty Thrills and Community Chills Across the City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is a city that embraces winter's chill by celebrating one of the most magical activities of the season: ice skating. As the temperatures drop, the cityscape transforms into a winter wonderland, offering locals and visitors alike a chance to glide and twirl on ice. From festive rinks nestled among historic landmarks to cozy spots that evoke a sense of community, the Greater Philadelphia area offers a variety of ice skating experiences for everyone to enjoy.  Click each venue link below for all the details and purchase tickets before you go!


Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest

Transforming Penn's Landing into a winter village, this spot offers more than skating. Enjoy a winter garden, cozy cabins, fire pits, and a dazzling light show by the Delaware River.


Photo courtesy of the Delaware River Waterfront


Dilworth Park Rothman Orthopaedics Ice Rink

Nestled by City Hall, this rink is a winter paradise. Skaters of all levels can enjoy the festive atmosphere with events and music.

Photo courtesy of Center City District


Flight on Ice at Newtown Square and Egg Harbor City, NJ

Experience the exhilaration of Flight on Ice, an adventure that takes ice skating to new heights. With locations in both Newtown Square and Egg Harbor City, NJ, this immersive experience combines skating with aerial displays, creating a thrilling spectacle for audiences of all ages. Watch as skilled performers take to the ice and the air in a mesmerizing display of athleticism and artistry.


Photo courtesy of Flight on Ice - Newton Square


Photo courtesy of Flight on Ice - Renault Winery


Spring Mountain in Spring Mount, PA

Nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Spring Mount, PA, Spring Mountain offers a serene escape for winter enthusiasts. This idyllic spot isn't just about skiing; it's a haven for ice skating aficionados.


Photo courtesy of Spring Mountain Adventures


WinterFest Ice Skating Rink at Cooper River

WinterFest is a hub of seasonal entertainment. From themed skating nights to special performances, there's always something delightful happening on the ice. These events infuse an extra dose of cheer into an already charming experience.


Photo courtesy of Winter Ice Skating Rink At Cooper River Park


Day-Trip Worthy - Glide at Brooklyn Park

Glide at Brooklyn Park embodies the spirit of winter in Brooklyn. "Skate underneath the historic Brooklyn Bridge while taking in the iconic views of the Manhattan skyline". Whether you're a seasoned skater or stepping onto the ice for the first time, this charming rink welcomes all. It's a place where laughter mingles with the sound of blades on ice and where the cityscape provides a stunning backdrop for unforgettable moments.


Photo courtesy of glidebk


Ice Rink - Christmas City - Bethlehem, PA

What makes the Christmas Ice Rink in Bethlehem truly special is its inclusivity. Whether you're a novice skater finding your balance or a seasoned pro executing graceful turns, the rink welcomes all skill levels. Families, couples, and friends create cherished memories as they whirl and twirl on the ice, capturing the essence of the holiday spirit.


Photo Courtesy of Christmas City - Bethlehem, PA


Tips for a Great Skate:

  • Bundle Up: Layer up, and don't forget gloves and a hat.
  • Check Schedules: Plan ahead for skating hours and events - check for discount codes and buy tickets online to ensure ice time.
  • Skate Rentals: Most rinks offer skate rentals.
  • Capture the moment: Bring a camera or smartphone.
  • Stay Hydrated: Enjoy hot cocoa and snacks.


Explore the magic of Greater Philadelphia's outdoor ice skating spots. With a mix of urban energy and cozy community vibes, there's something for everyone. So, grab your skates and savor the winter wonderland of Philadelphia!

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